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MAXI MUM - modular posing system for babies, children and for creating family groups around small children.

Comprising a flat base 60cm x 60cm (24x24in), and 4 'fingers' 15cm x 60cm (6x24in), the set can be arranged in various conformations to suit the needs of the modern photographer requiring versatility and a maximum number of uses from equipment.

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  • The fingers and base have velcro attachment, and all components are finished in a durable fabric, and lightly upholstered, offering good comfort.


    For newborn photography, the large square base makes an ideal basis to form an ideal place to lay the smallest newborn baby for photography: Simply cover the base with as much fabric as required to achieve the level of comfort required.


    From there, use the 'Armchair' combination, maybe in combination with the 'Mon Bebe' shaped bean bag, to pose the very young in safety: For shots with siblings, they can safely be bought into the shot beside the subject and lean on the side.