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NiceFoto Ne630c Speedlight for Canon


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Product Features:

  • Flash index = 62 GN ,
  • High-speed sync  1 / 8000s.
  • The master and slave flash lead flashing light s1 / s2.
  • Flash mode
  • Strobe flash 1-199HZ,
  • Manual flash 1/128 ~ 1/1 power,
  • E-TTL flash


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We will close at 5pm Friday 23rd of July and reopen at 9am Tuesday 3rd of August. Web order’s will be dispatched on the 3rd of August.

€ 147.00 ex VAT

  • This Canon Powerful (GN 62) flavoured speed light has everything you need from a speed light.

    E-TTL, Manual, Multi, HSS (1/8000sec) modes

    Fully compatible with Canon Cameras, we tested this flash and we are so very impressed!  Nice design, lovely light and really responsive.



    Product Features:

    1  flash index = 62 GN ,

    2. high-speed sync  1 / 8000s.

    3. The master and slave flash lead flashing light s1 / s2.

    4. Flash mode

    Strobe flash 1-199HZ,

    Manual flash 1/128 ~ 1/1 power,

    E-TTL flash



    Technical Parameters:

    Flash index: GN62 (IS0100,200mm)

    Wireless flash: the optical pulse master / slave

    High-speed sync: 1 / 8000S

    Flash mode: E-TTL, M, MULTI

    Trigger: hot-shoe contact, the optical pulse transmission, lead flashing light

    Flash coverage: 20-200mm (when using wide panel is 14mm)

    Master Flash: MASTER optical pulse signal transmission

    Slave flash: the optical pulse SLAVE Canon, SLAVE Nikon, lead flashing light S1 / S2

    Shutter Sync: high-speed sync, front-curtain sync, rear-curtain sync

    Flash exposure compensation: support (in increments of ±  1/3’s )

    FEB: Support

    Modeling Flash: Support

    AF auxiliary: Support

    Automatic Zoom: changes according to the focal length of the camera lens is automatically adjusted

    Manual Zoom: according to the photographer’s own needs, manual adjustment

    Manual flash: 1 / 128-1 / 1 (1/3 stop increments)

    Strobe flash: 1 ~ 199Hz

    Recycle time: less than 2 seconds fast flash, normal flash less than 3 seconds

    Wireless transmission distance: 20 meters of optical pulse transmission

    Wireless transmission channel: an optical pulse to support four channels

    Flash ratio: Support for multiple flash grouping

    Flash Group: 8: 1 to 1: 1 to 1: 8

    External interface: hot shoe, PC synchronization interface, charging shell interface, the external expansion interface


    Software upgrade:

    Flash Power: 4 AA alkaline batteries or nickel metal hydride batteries,

    Other advanced features: Custom function, overheat protection, power-saving features, voice prompts

    Size / Weight: about 79.7 * 142.9 * 125.4mm / about 420g (without batteries)


    Product packaging:

    1 set of flash light =

    Flash cloth cover = 1

    Manual + warranty card